A Soundtrack For Your Summer
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A Soundtrack For Your Summer
Krish, The official website for singer/producer, Krish, based in New York City.

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Indie New York based Producer/Singer, Krish pairs Electronic elements with Pop and R&B to create something seldom heard yet increasingly desired in the music landscape. His career began with modest acoustic covers of The Chainsmokers and The Weeknd before releasing his debut EP, Roses & Bonfires, in 2017. This album set the foundations for Krish’s sound, featuring creative vocal effects, warm R&B beats, and vulnerable lyricism. Krish then gained notoriety with his single “like u,” racking up over 100K streams on Spotify and 300K streams spanning all platforms in a relatively brief span. He continued his climb to recognition by releasing his second EP In Your Absence, which, in addition to showing an improvement in production quality and a more confident vocal delivery, racked up 100k streams in the first month. "Four", the first of six new songs coming out this year, strips it back to showcase the vulnurability in the scars of a past relationship gone wrong.



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